To kick off your web presence, first you need a space on the web. Where else will you store all your website files? You need a reliable space on the web. Get your own website space with a cheap domain name and web hosting service from


A domain name is your website address that people type in to their web browsers. It can start with a www or it can just be an address like like ours, “” This comes down to preference. When choosing a domain name, be sure that it is not too long, otherwise it can be difficult for people to remember, type in to an address bar, or fit on to your stationary.

Our domain names start from $14.95 for all the common types like .com and whilst being cost effective for other top level domain names.


A domain name will give you a web address that people can type in to their browser, but it needs to point to a web server that stores your website files. This is what website hosting is for. It gives you server space on the web to put your website files. No matter what type of website you are planning on building, whether it be HTML or PHP coded, WordPress or Drupal CMS, or something else, your will need a web server to store it on. There are exceptions.

If you plan on using a hosted service for your website, such as Shopify or you will not need to purchase additional hosting, just a premium DNS package. What this will do is allow you to point your new domain name to the hosting service such as Shopify, Wix, Weebly,, etc.


The best web hosting companies on the net are fast and secure, and host their services in state of the art datacenters. This is essential as up-time, reliability and speed are critical for websites. Major datacenters store their servers in quality rack storage, and the buildings have state of the art cooling systems, backup power and generators, fire systems and site security. This is the difference in dealing with a small web hosting provider, and one that has a professional and secure datacenter behind them.

Web hosting providers use multiple datacenters for both redundancy in case of a disaster like fire or a security breach. They also use different locations to ensure that different countries get served website files from the closest datacenter location.


There are lots of places on the net to get a domain name from, although we recommend keeping your hosting and domain name with the same provider. This makes managing your account a lot simpler.

Xmedia Digital Solutions provides domain names and hosting, as well as add on products for expanding your brand. Some of these add on’s include SSL certificates, website builders, premium DNS solutions, domain privacy and more.

Buy from an Australian Domain Name Provider and Web Hosting Solutions

With pricing in Australian dollars and support from our Australian based support team, we make keeping your online presence simple and efficient. No need to wait for a call back from a call center in another country, or live chats to people you cannot understand.

Other advantages of buying a domain name or web hosting through Xmedia Digital Solutions include top level support, expand-ability options for future proofing, cheap domain names, global content distribution, and self managed admin panels where you can manage your products and settings.

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