It has been a while since my last update to this category and a lot has happened with both the business and our family life since my previous post.

The Princess Factor

As many of you may know from either dealing with us or previous blog posts and newsletters, we had an addition to team awesome at the end of October. Our beautiful daughter Mia Jay Walter was born on October 30th and didn’t she rock our world.

Once again I was able to do the delivery alongside the hospital staff, although unlike Veyron who introduced him self to the world slowly and with a Superman pose, Mia was out in to this world faster than a champagne cork! (excuse the comparison). We reached Maitland Hospital at 5pm, and she was out by 5.50pm! After an overnight stay in Maitland’s maternity ward, both Mum and bub were home.

Arriving a week earlier than expected pushed the business schedule out the window and we had some very accommodating clients who rearranged appointments and deadlines. Thank you to everyone who did this, as well as those that sent their best wishes, congratulations and gifts.

Hunter Valley Website Team

Back to reality now and business has been steadily growing with a nice growth of projects bringing us towards the end of 2016. With the new year so close, we have been thinking a lot about personal and business goals for 2017. Have you been doing the same?

2017 approaches with a new page for our book

Our business, Xmedia Digital Solutions, has adapted over the years (since 2009) to accommodate the needs of small and medium business owners, changing from a tech support business to introducing our web services. As the years have passed, many websites later, we find ourselves now engaging in more web marketing than ever before.

For a business, it is essential to have a web presence. Whether it be by having a website, a simple landing page, or being listed on Google maps and local listings. There are some great websites out there, and I believe a few of them we have contributed to, although I cannot stress enough the importance of marketing your website correctly to get the most out of it. Paying annual hosting and domain name costs for something that is not helping your bottom line is a terrible investment in anyone’s eyes, but what to do?

We have spent the last few months at Xmedia Digital Solutions researching what works best in terms of digital marketing and return on investment. With that said, we now have total package solutions to help get both traffic for your website, and a presence for your brand on page 1 of Google search results.

google page results

Using smart text and banner advertising through Google search and display, as well as social media, we can create that much needed web traffic websites need. Combining this with targeted landing pages free of distractions but full of call to action buttons and forms, we convert that traffic into enquiries and sales for your business.

SEO is a term meaning Search Engine Optimisation, which is being thrown around a lot by digital marketing agencies. All I can advise you is to do your homework before engaging in any SEO campaign. Not sure what SEO is? Check out this page.

SEO can be difficult to monitor as it can take time to build up a web presence that raises your position in Google search results. When we offer an SEO package, we tailor the solution to suit the brand and industry. What do we mean by this? If your target audience is the town you are in and surrounding suburbs, a local SEO campaign comprising of local listings, location specific keywords and link building is what will work best. If you are targeting a much larger area, a different link building solution will help.

Google has always loved great content, and this is our focus when building links and trust for your brand online. We create guest posts, blog articles and high quality links in well written English (US and Australian writers) that are on favourable sites. We also don’t saturate your anchor text with primary keywords that can lead to search console penalties.

SEO can be expensive, so we are as transparent as we can be, listing everything we will do for that campaign, and the outcomes we hope to achieve. Does your SEO company offer this?

So for 2017, we have a new SEO tool coming alive that will help those who understand SEO and want to control a lot of it themselves. More about this soon! For others that need SEO done for them so they can focus on what they do best, our SEO packages are getting better every month. Be sure to get a new quote from us, even if just to use for comparison with others. Better still, send me your quotes from other agencies, and I will tell you what is good and bad about it, and what it would cost for us to do it. I guarantee we will beat almost every quote for the same service or better!

Personally, my 2017 goals include more weekend adventures to some great Australian and New Zealand destinations, as well as conquering a desire from my younger years to learn to fly. Hopefully you’ll see Xmedia Digital Solutions flying around sooner than you think, although in the likes of a Cessna rather than a Learjet!

learn to fly

image: Cessna Citation III – photo by D. Ramey Logan (

So, both in business and personal goals, I want to make things fly. Planes and page ranking for my clients. If you already fly, I’d love to get your hot tips, as I am sure any advice and recommendations would be helpful before I get behind the controls. If you want to learn how your business can get found online, get in touch with us to talk more about SEO and digital marketing. It’s a cost effective solution with measurable results unlike other advertising, and you can adjust your marketing spend between SEO work and advertising campaigns. When it comes to a return on investment, you can’t go past it.

To all our clients, readers of this blog, future clients, friends and family, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and best wishes for an amazing 2017! Let’s make it great together!


Dave out.

hunter valley website designer

Ronnie (Veyron) and David in the office. Obvisouly Ronnie is doing more with two keyboards!



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