Just in case I didn’t have enough to do, we have set time aside to create something special for our clients, as well as anyone looking to help their brand get found on Google Search.

Self Serve SEO Tools

It is exactly how it sounds, our new self serve SEO tools and services allow clients to set up their own projects and cut out the middle man – us. In a way, this is going in direct competition to our business, although we look at it this way. For those of you that do not need us to manage your SEO campaigns, this tool is for you. For those that do need help finding the best way to get on page 1 of Google search, Xmedia Digital Solutions will always offer managed SEO services and campaigns.

Love  SEOBOT and it will love you back

We call our new service SEOBOT, which represents what it provides. It automates your SEO campaigns, allowing you to focus on strategy and budget. You simply decide what service you need at this time, provide all the details required, pay using PayPal and hey presto! Your SEO campaign will get created and send you reports on how it has gone and what has been done. Transparency is very important to us.

The site uses https protocols to ensure your information is kept private. There will be a discount available to agencies in the very near future too.

White Hat SEO Services

An important factor in all our SEO campaigns, both through Xmedia Digital Solutions and SEOBOT, is ensuring that all content and links we create are Google friendly and are not going to lead to penalties from Google. As most of the services involve content creation, we ensure each article or post created is original and useful and is only posted to reputable websites.

Our press release articles go to some of the biggest brands on the net, and with our VIP collection, you could even find yourself linked to from big players like the HuffingtonPost, EnGadget, and more.

The services provided by SEOBOT include

  • Local Search Listings
  • Online Citations
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Posts for your website
  • High Domain Authority Linking
  • Press Releases
  • and more.

As we have with our Xmedia Digital Solutions’ SEO campaigns, we build our links similar to that of a viral piece of content. With a similar structure, we ensure you get both follow and nofollow links, 2nd and 3rd tier links, high DA links, a good mix of natural anchor text, as well as social signals, bookmarks and more.

This means your brand is getting traffic from a good mix of sources with a natural looking link building strategy. The benefit of this is the chances of penalties from search engines like Google is minimised, as well as content being useful for both your audience and search engines.

Australian SEO Agency

SEOBOT is Australian owned and managed, with content creation and link building carried out by developers and marketers in Australia, the US and the UK. All articles are in premium English and we focus on your audience location for variations. For example, Australian clients will see words like recognize spelt with an S instead of a Z.

The service is still super new and relies on a lot of the already awesome content Xmedia Digital Solutions creates. As time goes on, and we get more writers and marketing gurus, we will be offering more services. For now, please take a look and let us know what you think. All pricing is in Australian dollars, and please remember when comparing to other sites, we offer premium English content that is written to a standard and abide by rules set by Google search.

–> Check it out today at https://seobot.com.au

Please support our new Australian Business by sharing it with others that may find it useful. We see our clients being business owners, digital marketing agencies and companies that want to save on hiring more staff and competing on Google for the top spot.


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