Travel Blogs are a great way to document your Adventures

Travel Blogs are a great way to document your Adventures

Do you travel a lot? Whether its a quick weekend escape, or a trek around the globe, a journal of your adventures is a great way to share your travel highlights, keep in touch with friends and savor your memories.

Free isn’t always free.

A good place to start for many travel adventurers is and Tumblr. Two microblogging websites that provide free blog space for you to start filling up. This is a great start if you don’t want the hassle of monthly or yearly payments, and just want some space online to share your travel blog.

Just remember there are limitations including size of content and layout, links you add and the simplicity of expanding your website.

Many of our friends and family have created a space online only to discover they want to utilise it more, create even more content, or perhaps even moneytise their efforts. In this case, we recommend a self hosted blog rather than your free WordPress or Tumblr options.

self hosted cheap wordpress travel blog website

The benefits of a Self Hosted Website from Xmedia Digital Solutions.

  1. We set up the hosting on your own domain, or a free subdomain.
  2. We install WordPress ready for you to start blogging.
  3. You have access to email accounts to match your domain name.
  4. WordPress is super flexible and expandable.
  5. We can add Global CDN to make access in different parts of the world easier.
  6. You can post by email to your new WordPress blog.
  7. If the future needs a bigger website, you have options. Think SEO, Landing Pages, Affiliate Links and more.
  8. Video and Images look great on WordPress, and there is an image editor built in.
  9. Costs start as low as $15/month, depending on what extra features you want setup.
  10. We are great to deal with, and you have 24×7 email support.

So think long term before you setup your travel blog for your next adventure.

Have you already got a blog site? We can discuss options to transfer it to a new self hosted site.

Expand your horizons today with a self hosted WordPress travel blog from Xmedia Digital Solutions.


PS. These make great recipe sharing blogs too!!

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