Wanting to learn how to do your own search engine
optimisation (SEO) but not sure what it is all about?!

Check out SEO for Beginners, a great video introduction that explains all the basics such as what is SEO, keyword research, local SEO and more. You can find the rest of their videos at

There is also some great explanations at

Former Google organic search expert Andre Weyher explains why SEO is vital for your website, and how it can take time to build it up. A great read that will give you an insight into SEO, here is the article:

Stay up to date on Google’s latest changes to their search tools and search algorithm. Their webmaster’s blog is frequently updated and it will pay to keep on top of it all when doing your own SEO.

Keywords play an important role in your site’s SEO as they tell search engine bots what your website or page is all about in terms of topic and sometimes location. Using the correct keywords in anchor text, titles and meta data can help you rank for specific search terms.

There are many great tools online to find keywords, but we always love to utilise Google’s own Keyword Planning Tool. You can find it at

Finding expired domain names that previously ranked quite well is a good strategy to try and steal some link juice for your brand. Be sure to stay relevant and on topic when buying expired domains.

Google is pushing the AMP or accelerated mobile pages up in their search results with a carousel of fresh AMP pages destined for the top of Google. If you aren’t already, get involved in making your site AMP ready. Learn more about AMP at

Duplicate content is a big no no when it comes to helping your website rank better. Copyscape allows you to check for duplicate content.

Staying on top of your website SEO is important and an ongoing task. Google’s webmaster tools should be checked regularly for penalties and indexing issues.

There are also a great lot of resources available for checking yours and your competitor’s website links and tags. Check out the following links for rank checkers, backlink analysis and more.

To learn more about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website, book a consultation with Dave to discuss how you could improve your search result rank (SERP), click through rates (CTR) and returns on investment (ROI) when it comes to online marketing.

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